Funded Agencies:


The listed agencies have been funded by Ryan White Title II Funding for specifics services as listed for the 2005-2006 Grant Cycle (April 1, 2005-March 31, 2006). However the agency may provide additional services that are not funded by the Central Virginia HIV CARE Consortium. To find out more about the agency, please visit their website or contact them directly.


Andrea K. Wiley, LCSW

221 B East Clay Street, Suite #307

Richmond, VA 23219

(804) 643-3845

Contact: Andrea K. Wiley, LCSW

Services: individual and group mental health and substance abuse counseling, substance abuse day treatment and group


Arthur Ashe Program at Hayes B. Willis Health Center

4730 North Southside Plaza

P.O. Box 980323

Richmond, VA 23298-0049

(804) 230-7788

Contact: Gizette Moss

Services: case management and primary medical


Central Virginia Health Services

301 Halifax Street

Petersburg, VA 23805

(804) 863-1652

Contact: Lichelle Stith

Services: primary medical care, medical case management and labs


Commonwealth Catholic Charities

1512 Willow Lawn Drive

P.O. Box 6565

Richmond, VA 23220

(804) 285-5900

Contact: Ms. Diane Hargraves

Services: case management, mental health counseling and support groups


Crossover Health Center

108 Cowardin Avenue

Richmond, VA 23224

(804) 233-5016

Contact: Tamara Clements

Services: primary medical care, dental care, and labs


Fan Free Clinic

1010 North Thompson Street

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 358-6343

Contact: Tony Mangiafico

Services: mental health counseling and food pantry


Healthcare Solutions

116 South Adams Street

Petersburg, VA 23803

(804) 732-7625

Contact: Irene Davis

Services: case management services, in-home nursing services and support groups


IVNA Health Services

5008 Monument Avenue

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 355-7100

(804) 358-0257

Contact: Larrietta Roberts

Services: in-home paraprofessional nursing services


IVNA Home Health Care

5008 Monument Avenue

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 355-7100

Contact: Karen Jordan

Services: in-home skilled nursing services, primarily to women and children


Opportunity Matters

3801 Moss Side Avenue

Richmond, VA 23222

(804) 651-8021

Contact: Pierre Ames

Services: legal advocacy


Piedmont Health District

111 South Street, 1st Floor

Farmville, VA 23901

(434) 392-3984

Contact: Barbara Jackson

Services: primary medical care


Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

107 South 5th Street

Richmond, VA 23219

(804) 819-4079

Contact: Denise Cooper

Services: substance abuse treatment


Vernon J. Harris East End Community Center

719 North 25th Street

Richmond, VA 23223

(804) 780-0840

Contact: Tracy Causey

Services: primary medical and dental care, medications and case management services


Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Child Life Department

MCV Campus

West Hospital, 3rd Floor

1200 East Broad Street

P.O. Box 980413

Richmond, VA 23298-0413

(804) 828-2424

Contact: Robin Smith

Services: respite care for children


Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems

Dental Medicine Clinic

MCV Campus

1200 East Broad Street, 1st Floor

A.D. Williams Building

Richmond, VA 23298-0413

(804) 828-9903

Contact: Tammy Swecker

Services: comprehensive dental services


Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Family AIDS Clinic

MCV Campus

1200 East Broad Street, 3rd Floor

West Hospital

Richmond, VA 23298-0413

(804) 828-5915

Contact: Suzanne Lavoie

Services: case management services to pregnant women and their children and primary medical care


Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems

 Infectious Disease Clinic

MCV Campus

West Hospital, 3rd Floor

1200 East Broad Street

P.O. Box 980413

Richmond, VA 23298-0413

(804) 828-4407

Contact: Charlotte Scott

Services: primary medical care and nutritional supplements


Virginia Commonwealth University HIV/AIDS Center

1001 East Broad Street, Suite #125

Richmond, VA 23298

(804) 828-2210

Contact: Gail Connors

Services: medical case management, peer advocacy and primary medical


For more information and referral to services, or to become a Consortium member, please contact Ms. Adrienne Howard, Communications Coordinator at (866) 838-4133 or (804) 828-1827.